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Daniels eventually warms up and makes a startling transformation from awed respect to hysterical gushing, much of it directed towards Gooding, who is praised so extensively and in such overtly sexual terms that he seems a little embarrassed by all the attention. Early on, Daniels notes that he had to condense a scene of Mirren bathing Gooding into something approaching a containable length; if given his druthers, Daniels would probably still be filming the bath scene. Gooding notes with disappointment that Daniels apparently filmed miles of footage of Gooding shadowboxing, his impeccably muscled torso coated in a sheen of sweat; yet only a tiny fraction of the footage shot actually made it into the film.

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Here are the lessons we can all take from "Shadowboxer," Lee Daniels ' gruesome and supremely disjointed foray into the world of hired assassins: 1. Even Helen Mirren is not powerful enough to save some movies. Cuba Gooding Jr.

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Shadowboxer: Action drama. Directed by Lee Daniels. At Bay Area theaters.

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Thompson Sun. For some, Oscar is a straight shot to glory: Anna Paquin won one as a little girl, and has made generally good career choices since. Others, like Martin Scorsesespend years making great movies, to the point where an Academy Award cannot be denied.

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If you're in the mood for a big ball of crazy featuring hitmen, bad sex and Cuba Gooding Jr. Say what you will about Lee Daniels — he does not make bland films. Even mere plot details mark this out as a transmission from Planet What the Hell: How many films can you name that feature, as a male-female hitman team, Cuba Gooding Jr.

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In the original, the lovable lush had a butler played by John Gielgud; now he has a nanny, played by Mirren. Oh dear. A very silly performance from Mirren in an unscary movie, playing Sarah Winchester, the tormented widow of the inventor of the rifle.

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Mikey Cuba Gooding Jr. The two continue with their line of work despite the fact that Rose is suffering from cancer. Organized crime kingpin, Clayton Stephen Dorffsuspects that his pregnant wife Vicki Vanessa Ferlito may have been unfaithful, so he hires Mikey and Rose to kill her.

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As it gleefully smashes boundaries and blurs the line between comedy and melodrama, it dares you to collapse into laughter. The relationships, especially that of Rose and Mikey, are strictly theoretical constructions. Even Ms. Gooding trudges through his role with a poker face, exuding an air of embattled nobility that belies his deadly occupation.

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This movie was alright. It was about Cuba and Helen were contract killers and they were lovers. Cuba was her stepson because his father used to be married to Helen.

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But first I need some popcorn, and maybe a lot of booze, because I know how this one ends and I need something to dull the pain. OK, here goes. Tragically, this movie has absolutely zero to do with the fantastic Fiona Apple song of the same name. I have to watch it.


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